Watch a movie under the stars, with the Acropolis lit on your left...

In the early "20"s it was first built the first outdoor cinema, by a Greek hairdresser, who used to live in Paris, and that´s the reason why he named it Ciné Paris! in the ´60´s it used to be an outdoor and in-door cinema but at the end of the 60´s it closed down, for almost 20 years, due to cinema crisis. Then, in 1986 it re-opens and until this day the cinema is up and running! And, last but not least, Cine Paris is located in Plaka, one of the most interesting and beautiful area in Athens, facing Acropolis... Cine Paris in Plaka transforms its rooftop garden into the ideal Athens cinema.


At the entrance to Cine Paris, on the ground floor, is a shop with a vast collection of movie posters. When you get to the terrace, Acropolis of Athens lit up in all its glory practically at arm’s reach. Once there, you can watch a movie choosing either tables in the stalls, or small private balconies.


The bar is stocked with dozens of well-known whiskeys and a long list of beers. For snacks, there are Greek cheese pies and pizzas as well as hot dogs and nachos. Also there are popcorn and ice creams.