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Every Athenian has a story to tell about Cine Paris. For many, it was the Friday night summertime family outing. For others, it marked the place of a memorable first date. Many have shopped many-a-poster in its foyer, while others have enjoyed countless back-to-back screenings throughout the week. Today, it stands as one of the oldest open-air cinemas in Greece, bringing unique stories to life at the heart of the endless Athenian summer.

Nestled in the historic Plaka neighborhood, Cine Paris is hard to miss. With a terrace that offers a unique view of the Acropolis, often outshining even the finest films, this open-air cinema has made its way deep into the Athenian culture for good reason.

Cine Paris currently operates under the guidance of the Greek streaming platform and distributor Cinobo as part of an iconic building owned by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation. However, its rich history goes way back in the years.


With over a century of history to its name, Cine Paris has become an integral part of the Athenian landscape, tucked neatly in the marbles of the Acropolis. First opened in the 1920s on Kidathineon Street and named after the city of lights by its Greek founder—a hairdresser with years of experience in Paris—the cinema originally operated as an all year round cinema. Initially housed in a closed space on the same street, the cinema relocated  in the early 1960s to the characteristic building of unique architecture at Kidathineon 22 where it is still housed today. Following a long period of closure, it reopened in 1986 under new ownership, transitioning to being exclusively an open air cinema.

The building was acquired by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, and following a four-year closure for maintenance, Cine Paris is set to reopen in May 2024. The renovation has been extensive, with Cinobo—the leading Greek streaming platform dedicated to film—taking over the curatorial and operational management. Cinobo promises to deliver a cinematic experience like no other on the cinema’s breathtaking terrace.